My Day Widget

A widget for your calendars and reminders in auspicious color of the day

Available on iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS!

My Day Widget helps you stay on top of your schedule. With a day-color system, you will not never miss what day is today.

Enhance your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch with colorful and useful widgets. Try it now!

Color of the Day

Know today's date and day of week at a glance with day-color system. Color of the day is based on ancient astrological mythology. Wearing auspicious color for each day believed to bring luck and success to self.


Integrate with Apple's Calendar & Reminders. MyDayWidget will summarize your calendars and reminders into one place. Widgets are customizable to suit your need and preference.

Day Progress

Go through your day with Day Progress Bar. Start your day every morning knowing what lies ahead. Never miss your schedule. Indicator bars help you visualize noon time and/or working time.

Meaningful and colorful widget on your Home Screen

  • Widgets on Home Screen and Lock Screen
  • Watch face complications on Apple Watch
  • Widgets in Mac Notification Center
  • Option to sync with Apple’s calendar and reminder app
  • Busy Day Highlights
  • Color of widgets are based on color of day
  • Open your preferred app by tapping on the widget
  • Summarize your calendar and your reminder in one place so you know what your day is at a glance. Start your day every morning knowing what’s lied ahead.
  • Get motivated by seeing your movement through the day, 7 days a week. Have a sense of achievement.
My Day Widget. A widget for iPhone

Feature Highlight

  • Choose your theme. Small, medium, large widgets to choose from.
  • There is widget for everyone. From light schedule to a super busy day.
  • Dark mode supported
  • Busy Day Highlights
  • Easy setup. Set it once and the widget will smartly show information at the right moment.
  • Widget tapping to open your preferred calendar/reminder apps.
  • 9-day free trial after which LIFETIME one-time purchase is required.

Available on iPhone

  • Offers both Home Screen widgets and Lock Screen widgets

Available on Apple Watch

  • Support all complication locations
  • Data and Settings are synced with app on iPhone

Available on iPad

Available on Mac

  • Widgets in Notification Center
  • Calendar & Reminder data is updated real time (when MyDayWidget app is opened – stay on dock)
  • Similar functionality with app on iPhone/iPad

MyDayWidget is available today on App Store!